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Logo Creation: Dolphin Club 50th Anniversary

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Project Brief As a part of the complete reimagining and redesign of the Dolphin Club's website, which was to be completed and launched just prior to the start of their 50th anniversary year, a commemorative logo needed to be created. The Challenge Create a totally new, fresh yet classic design to [...]

Logo Creation: Beginnings Photography

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Project Brief Logo creation for a boutique photography studio specializing in maternity and newborn photography. Solution Elegant font treatment with a stylized B evoking image of the form of a pregnant woman.

Logo Creation: Clicks by Charity

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Project Brief Logo creation for photography studio. Solution Whimsical font treatment on top of stylized camera.

Logo Creation: Operation Kenya

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Project Brief Logo creation for nonprofit organization serving those living in extreme poverty in Kenya. Solution Rustic font with "t" substituted with an African Acacia tree.

Logo Creation: Safe Harbor

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Project Brief Logo creation for local church congregation. Solution Logo featuring iconic lighthouse.